Turkish Holiday: Staying in a Yacht Charter Versus a Hotel

Having a getaway with friends and family on one of the best islands in Turkey is an extremely exciting ordeal. In order to make that experience even more unforgettable, why not stay in a lavish yacht charter Turkey has to offer?

If you are in two minds between booking a hotel or a yacht charter, go for the latter and enjoy these amazing benefits:

yacht charter turkey

Top-Notch Privacy

Being in an exclusive place with no one but your friends or family is undeniably a great experience. Yacht charter vacations are very popular especially among celebrities as they avoid paparazzi and nosy people to lure over them.

However, even if you are not a famous personality or have someone who constantly watches your back, there’s nothing better than to have a place where you and your entire group can stay without having to bump into strangers.

Therefore, if pure privacy floats your boat, booking a Turkish yacht charter is the best choice for you.

Opportunity to Travel in Different Destinations

Staying in a luxury hotel is a great way to have a comfortable vacation in Turkey. However, if you are on the market for both comforts and making the most of traveling different destinations in Turkish Islands, staying in an exceptional yacht charter Turkey has to offer is the best route to take.


If you are traveling with a big group, there are a number of yacht charters with larger fleets you can find in Turkey. Big yacht charters can accommodate a large number of guests as it typically has four to six cabins.

Turkey yacht charters are also a great reception venue to hold parties. Tons of companies and organizations choose a luxury yacht charter to hold important events as it can be much more enjoyable and cost-efficient than booking a hotel.


Imagine the joy of being in an exclusive yacht with your friends and family; you get to enjoy and do the things you want without disturbing other vacationers.

Yacht charters offer full personalization of the activities, food, etc. You get to plan your activities based on you and your group’s preference. Thus, you will surely experience exceptional fun and freedom.

Top-Rate Service

One of the best advantages of Yacht chartering is the availability of exceptional in-house service. You get your own personal chef; thus, you are guaranteed to not only have a great place to stay but also dine with great food choices.

Furthermore, if you stay in a first-class yacht charter Turkey has nowadays, you will also experience the service of a dedicated crew of professionals.

Non-Stop Fun

If you want to make the most of your holiday in one of the best Turkish islands, booking a yacht charter is arguably one of the best decisions to make. With the benefit of traveling to different destinations, doing superb water activities, availability of a fitness gym and a spa, the fun literally never stops when you choose to stay in one of the five-star yacht charters in Turkey.


Being in an exclusive yacht with your friends and family in one of the finest islands in Turkey is definitely an unforgettable experience.

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