Increasing Profits with NetBookings’ Booking Software

Looking for an effective solution in managing bookings and at the same time, upselling easily to your target market? Try out NetBookings’ online booking system to manage bookings more efficiently, as well as increase profits for your online travel business.

Building an online booking platform is more than just having a good design and quality SEO for your website. It is also important to have a powerful backend – that is, a booking management software that helps convert most of your traffic into paying customers.

Travelers are not just looking for booking solutions, but also for inspiring booking solutions that offer great personalization features – allowing users to get a say on what and how they plan to book their accommodations, an important factor for online travel providers that want to upsell their products.

With Netbookings’ online booking system, you can completely change the equation and upstage your closest competitors in the race for accommodation bookings. This software tool has been built with highly-innovative features as well, leading to greater efficacy in booking processes.

This online booking system also provides a few more features, making it easier for customers to find the best accommodations in Australia and in other countries. These include accommodation packages, add-on services, phone, and e-mail support.

Client Communication Features

It has excellent communication features that will completely automate the booking process. These include the automated follow-up email features, automated reminders, automated SMS reminders, bulk letter features, bulk SMSs, custom emails and email confirmations for accommodation bookings.

Multiple Sales Channels

The booking software accommodation online system offers easy integration with many of the modern sales methods that allows you to easily expand the scope of your market.  The most central part of this is that it comes with a turnkey business website that you can easily integrate into your online travel platform.  You don’t have to waste development time in web integration of the netbookings online booking system. You can easily plug and play and begin taking your online bookings.

It offers numerous other sales methods that will help you expand your bookings and online profits from the travel market. These include a mobile website for the rapidly growing mobile booking market, a Facebook app, booking agents integration and access to staff on phone or counter.

Marketing Features

Deploy an array of marketing features with the netbookings online booking system. You will certainly appreciate the guest database, the reporting features, data export, third party management and reporting as well as powerful data export capabilities. If you plan to earn some revenues through affiliate networks, you can easily generate referrer codes on the booking system online’s backend interface and distribute to publishers.

The tool even allows you to generate promotional codes and discounts in order to attract more sales for your travel products. The tool offers multiple payment methods and efficient invoicing mechanism to help you receive and track your online payments.

With this accommodation booking software online, you can now enjoy modern and versatile booking software that offers you the versatile functionality of the major travel booking engines in the industry. Sign up for an affordable netbookingsaccommodation booking software solution here