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5 Incredible Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday Accommodation in Sukhumvit

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With so many fun activities in Sukhumvit, you might find yourself forgetting about your budget and even overspending. When taking a break from the hustles and bustles of life, all you want is to relax and unwind in the best way possible, regardless of how much it might cost you. Even so, you need to think about what will happen when you go back home with literally no money in your account, or worse yet, going down in debts. You want to return home with less stress and that’s why you need to make wise financial decisions during your trip. The accommodation in Sukhumvit you’ve chosen can significantly affect your spending. Normally, your accommodation will take up the largest percentage of your vacation expenses, and has the potential to bust your budget. However, there are a number of ways you can save money on your preferred accommodation in Sukhumvit.

Set a budget and stick to it

Before you start searching for a suitable place to stay during your holiday, set a budget. How much money do you want to spend on your accommodation in Sukhumvit? Once you are settled on a budget you can then consider other variables such as convenience and comfort. If you want to spend more money in fun activities and excursions, it would be best to stay in a less luxurious place. On the other hand, if you don’t want to compromise your holiday experience by staying in cheap accommodation, you can cut your trip short so save money.

Plan an off-season trip

If you have a flexible schedule, consider taking your holiday during the off-season. Most accommodations in Sukhumvit offer lower prices during the off-season; some can go as low as the half price. It can also make a difference if you travel during a weekday rather than during the weekend.

Choose the location wisely

Accommodations found at the heart of the city are likely to be more expensive than those located away from the city. If you don’t know the area, you can search maps provided in travel websites and find lower priced accommodations. You also need to consider the distance between the place you’re staying and the attraction sites you intend to visit. If the distance is too big you’ll end up spending more on transportation and parking. Choose a location that not far from the attractions. A walking distance can save you a lot of money.

Consider different accommodation types

If you are just used to motels and hotels, consider other lodging options that are less expensive. If you’re planning a long holiday with a large group of people or family, a vacation home rental would be the most ideal option. You can also consider camping for a weekend holiday trip for just a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

Watch out for offers and deals

Accommodations offer special deals at specific times of the year. You can take advantage of this and save some good money. You may request free visitor’s guide from tourist offices. These guides include promotional codes for lodging, restaurants and attractions. There are many websites, such as deal-of-the-day websites, where you can fish out for deals.

Increasing Profits with NetBookings’ Booking Software

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Looking for an effective solution in managing bookings and at the same time, upselling easily to your target market? Try out NetBookings’ online booking system to manage bookings more efficiently, as well as increase profits for your online travel business.

Building an online booking platform is more than just having a good design and quality SEO for your website. It is also important to have a powerful backend – that is, a booking management software that helps convert most of your traffic into paying customers.

Travelers are not just looking for booking solutions, but also for inspiring booking solutions that offer great personalization features – allowing users to get a say on what and how they plan to book their accommodations, an important factor for online travel providers that want to upsell their products.

With Netbookings’ online booking system, you can completely change the equation and upstage your closest competitors in the race for accommodation bookings. This software tool has been built with highly-innovative features as well, leading to greater efficacy in booking processes.

This online booking system also provides a few more features, making it easier for customers to find the best accommodations in Australia and in other countries. These include accommodation packages, add-on services, phone, and e-mail support.

Client Communication Features

It has excellent communication features that will completely automate the booking process. These include the automated follow-up email features, automated reminders, automated SMS reminders, bulk letter features, bulk SMSs, custom emails and email confirmations for accommodation bookings.

Multiple Sales Channels

The booking software accommodation online system offers easy integration with many of the modern sales methods that allows you to easily expand the scope of your market.  The most central part of this is that it comes with a turnkey business website that you can easily integrate into your online travel platform.  You don’t have to waste development time in web integration of the netbookings online booking system. You can easily plug and play and begin taking your online bookings.

It offers numerous other sales methods that will help you expand your bookings and online profits from the travel market. These include a mobile website for the rapidly growing mobile booking market, a Facebook app, booking agents integration and access to staff on phone or counter.

Marketing Features

Deploy an array of marketing features with the netbookings online booking system. You will certainly appreciate the guest database, the reporting features, data export, third party management and reporting as well as powerful data export capabilities. If you plan to earn some revenues through affiliate networks, you can easily generate referrer codes on the booking system online’s backend interface and distribute to publishers.

The tool even allows you to generate promotional codes and discounts in order to attract more sales for your travel products. The tool offers multiple payment methods and efficient invoicing mechanism to help you receive and track your online payments.

With this accommodation booking software online, you can now enjoy modern and versatile booking software that offers you the versatile functionality of the major travel booking engines in the industry. Sign up for an affordable netbookingsaccommodation booking software solution here

YK Art House in Phnom Penh: They Will Make Your Trip Worthwhile

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When it comes to Indochina tours in Southeast Asia, no trip would be complete without stopping by Cambodia. But who doesn’t like Cambodia? This country is home to the famed temples of Angkor Wat, which has become a symbolic tourist destination for millions of travelers from around the world. It’s also a place where you’ll find some of the most inviting and charming people in this part of the continent. What’s more, it has a wide range of accommodation options that fit every budget. One of which is YK Art House in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city.

What sets this boutique hotel apart from the rest is that it guarantees a travel experience unlike any other – a travel experience that’s nothing like your standard hotel stay. What’s more, it has a fantastic location that lets you explore the capital conveniently. It’s located 20 minutes away from Street 308, which is a groovy neighborhood teeming with bars, restaurants, and other local businesses.

YKArtHouse also offers competitive room rates to suit your budget. They have 10 double rooms with ensuite bathrooms. For families looking for accommodation that feels like a home away from home, they have three apartment units all of which are equipped with a kitchen and living room. These are also perfect for those who want to save money on food.

Aside from that, YK Art House offers travel services to make your trip as smooth-sailing as possible. They can make arrangements for private or group tours, car or bus rentals, events, and visa processing. So if you want to get on an Indochina tour – Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand – they can make the bookings for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Visit their website for more information.

During your stay at YK Art House, here are some of the must-see places you should check out in Phnom Penh.

  1. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – before it was used as an execution centre of an estimated 17,000 Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge regime, this museum was formerly a high school. If you’re someone who’s interested in history, this is the place to go. Here, you will find 6,000 portraits of prisoners who were tortured and killed. Check YK Art House for more details.
  1. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda – both landmarks are located adjacent to each other. Both have breathtaking Khmer architecture that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, you can explore the palace grounds or go on a guided tour.
  1. Ta Prohm Temple at Tonle Bati – this 12th-century structure has stone carvings and bas reliefs of Hindu mythology. It looks a lot like the popular Angkor Wat. After you’re done exploring Ta Prohm, you can also check out Yey Peo Temple and Tonle Bati Lake, where you can have a picnic among the locals.
  1. The Killing Fields or Choeung Ek Memorial – it is the most bone-chilling evidence of the country’s tragic past. It’s the burial ground for the 17,000 estimated prisoners who were tortured and executed during the Khmer Rouge regime. You can also go on a guided tour around the memorial place.

If you want to go on a tour around Phnom Penh, be sure to book directly with YK Art House. Visit for more information.

Why It Pays to Be a Vacation Club Member?

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Travelling is an expense. There’s no doubt about that. And just like any other expense, it is going to be expensive, since you need to pay for airfare, hotel accommodation, food, tours, and more. But no one can also deny that travelling is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do with your money, especially if you stay in a Wyndham vacation resort anywhere in the South Pacific.

Club Wyndham is one of the best vacation clubs to own in 2016. What makes their vacation membership one of the top in the world is that it gives you unlimited reasons to travel and get the best service possible.

Aside from being able to use your membership points to book any vacation resort in Wyndham, being a member of a vacation club means you get discounts on restaurants, golf clubs, entertainment establishments, and car rentals. You can also use your membership points to book a deluxe cruise for seven nights. What’s more, you get to book a personal tour guide and experience the ultimate holiday wherever you are in the world.

wyndham vacation resort

Here are some more perks to being a vacation club member.

  1. It’s not a matter of whether you’re going on a vacation or not, but when you’re going.

Vacation ownership means you’ll have guaranteed time for a holiday whenever you want to. When you are a club member of a Wyndham vacation resort, for example, your vacations are already pre-paid. And since vacation ownership is giving you the opportunity to co-own a deeded real estate property, you’ll have a lifetime of chances to take some time off for some rest and relaxation.

  1. It lets you spend your holidays in style.

If you’re a vacation club member, you get to co-own a unit at a vacation resort Wyndham has, which is either a condo or suite-style accommodation in many parts of the South Pacific that’s filled with the necessary amenities to give you a luxurious way of spending some R&R.

You can find vacation resort Wyndham destination scattered all over the South Pacific, including the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

  1. It takes away the burden of planning a trip abroad.

There’s a dedicated travel agency that will book your holiday for you, including a suite at any Wyndham vacation resort, airline reservations, car rental, guided tours, and more.

  1. It makes vacationing in style more affordable.

Club Wyndham offers many opportunities to let you save money while travelling. For one, they have travel programs that give you access to up to 40% discounts at more than 240,000 local establishments. Aside from that, you earn points from their loyalty rewards program, which you can convert to points that you can use to redeem and get a discounted stay at any of the 7,500 participating hotels.

  1. It allows you borrow credits so you can take that much-needed holiday this year.

Have you been dying to go on a holiday in a vacation resort Wyndham but don’t have enough points? You can still do so by borrowing credits from the upcoming year so you can still go on that much-needed holiday to your destination of choice this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a club member now and enjoy the benefits of staying in the best vacation resort Wyndham has.

What You Should Definitely Try When in Coolangatta

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If the glitz and glam of central Gold Coast do not appeal to you, you should head on over to Coolangatta in the south instead. It’s the perfect location for a laid-back seaside holiday full of surfing and just plain relaxing. Does this sound more like what you’re looking for? Then, book a suitable Coolangatta accommodation right away!

Are you wondering what stuff you could enjoy while you’re there? Here are a few suggestions:


Being that it is still part of the Gold Coast, many surfers come here for the waves. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert as you’re sure to enjoy the breaks in Coolangatta. The gentler sections are Rainbow Bay and Greenmount Beach while the difficult areas are Kirra Point and Point Danger. All of these places are easily accessible from the accommodation Coolangatta has to offer so check them out. Surfboard hires and coaching lessons are also available in the area.

Water Sports

There’s more than surfing on this seaside resort on the southern border of Queensland. When catching the waves is too mainstream for your tastes, you can try out water-skiing, wake-boarding, or kite-boarding instead. Diving is another option worth considering though you will be taken to another area for it. Some Coolangatta accommodation providers have connections and promotions with service providers so it can be worth asking them for suggestions.


No holiday would be complete without gorging in the food spots in town. There are plenty of establishments popular among both locals and tourists. You’ll find that many of them are just a few minutes away from your accommodation in Coolangatta even. An example is OSushi which is often packed with people. As you would expect, it specialises in Japanese fusion cuisine with a menu boasting of teppan sizzling hot plates and poke bowls. Be sure to line up early to find a table. Check it out at Nirvana by the Sea


If the term laid-back is what caught your attention in the description of Coolangatta, a spa break may be just for you. It may be possible to just lie on the sand and get a tan but why do that when you can get a massage? Release the tension in your muscles with the help of the different massage parlours in the area. Twin Towns on Griffith Street is highly rated along with Holistic on the same avenue. A few providers are even willing to visit you in your Coolangatta accommodation as well.


Activities and attractions aren’t limited to just what are near the beach. You can find lots of tourist spots in town if you’d just bother to look. There’s Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church on McLean Street with its eye-catching red brick exterior. Captain Cook Memorial Light on Point Danger is another must-visit. It has an unusual modern style that would be perfect for a superhero movie. It was known to be the first to use lasers but has since switched back to conventional electric lamps.

Though it may be the southernmost suburb of the Gold Coast, there is still much to do in Coolangatta. Make sure you book the best accommodation Coolangatta has to offer as you’ll often find yourself exhausted during your trip given the number of things you can do there. Head on over to Nirvana By the Sea for amazing apartments to book for your stay.

Find Your Ideal Sunshine Beach Accommodation with These Practical Tips

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The hardest part about preparing for a vacation is looking for appropriate lodgings. No matter what part of the world you wind up in, you’ll constantly discover activities and sights to intrigue and catch you. When planning to visit Noosa, you can check out various types of accommodation Sunshine Beach has today for you and your family. Sunshine Beach accommodations are particularly challenging to discover in spite of the large variety of hotels, inns, and motels you see around the location.

Your holiday may not be as memorable if you have not made reservations in advance. Fully-booked hotels and accommodations may dampen your mood. Ask any experienced traveler and they’ll inform you that holidays on the fly never ever work out. This is why it is essential to discover the very best accommodation Sunshine Beach has today and book in advance before leaving your home. When you’re looking for Sunshine Beach accommodation, here are some practical ideas that can assist you along.

Convenience Is The Secret

While it’s extremely not likely that lodgings will be completely reserved throughout your stay, you’ll more than likely wind up remaining in a hotel or inn that’s far from all the locations you wish to check out. Residential or commercial properties near locations of interest tend to fill up. You constantly wish to get luxury accommodation Noosa heads offer to have a memorable holiday. If you desire to soak up some sun and delight in some activities, it makes sense to get an accommodation Sunshine Beach offers so you can stay near the beachfront. Visit us at RW Noosa Holidays

Spend on The View

While you might have many activities in mind for your holiday, you must never ever disregard your option for a luxury Noosa accommodation. Some might reason out that they just go back to their hotel space to take a bath and sleep, your space needs to use advantages by itself. One perk might be an excellent view. Who does not wish to get up each early morning to the noise of waves and the mild ocean breeze? Preferences may differ from individual to individual. Some may want to see vast gardens or foliage, while others may desire a view of the dynamic city lights prior to going to sleep. Whatever it is, a great view deserves spending and might be among the highlights of your vacation.

Get Expert Assistance

You can ask for the services of business, like Richardson & Wrench Noosa Holidays, if you dislike preparation and arranging your holiday or simply do not have the time to do it. You can rely on their services to help you find an accommodation of your choice. Whether you want to stay for a beach accommodation or witness a cultural occasion in the city, you can rely on their assistance to help you find a suitable accommodation.

When going to the Sunshine Coast, you can head directly to Noosa to have a memorable holiday. Just be sure to book Noosa luxury accommodation beachfront rentals to make the most of your stay. ONly deal with trusted providers when you find accommodation that suits your taste. Visit for more details.

Must-Try Activities You Can Enjoy When You Visit Blueys Beach

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Pacific Palms has all the easy-going appeal and natural credentials of Byron Bay 30 years prior. That might most likely be the reason it is a leading vacation location for Sydneysiders, Novocastrians, Victorians, and travellers from other places. The location has actually been popular with internet users brought in to coastlines, like Boomerang, with its rolling swell; Blueys, which is called after a cow that toppled off cliffs at its southern end; and the unoccupied Cellito, which is a number of kilometres down a dirt track. You can also discover good Blueys Beach accommodation choices for you and your group if you prefer to remain longer. blueys beach accommodation A blessed couple of acquired beachfront land or shacks behind Blueys and Boomerang 30 years back and offered them for millions in the noughties. Just wealthy Sydneysiders were lucky to delight in the excellent views and changed their acquired residential or commercial properties into vacation investment properties. Some even turned those homes into luxurious Blueys Beach accommodation that you can rent,so you can also experience high-end living right in the waterside. Blueys Beach: A Great Escape Generally a browsing town, Pacific Palms is also an enjoyable area if you wish to leave the day-to-day grind. The location itself includes Blueys Beach in addition to neighbouring Boomerang, Elizabeth, and Shelly beaches in addition to 2 lakes — Wallis Lake and Smith Lake. Blueys Beach is an ideal area for you if you delight in relaxing on the coast or browse the high tides. You can delight in a large range of accommodation in Blueys Beach with some incredibly sensational vacation houses right on the beach. Make sure to pick one with a view to make the many of your stay when you prepare to schedule a Blueys Beach accommodation plan. Must-Try Tourists Attractions If you have no abilities or interest in browsing the internet, do not anguish. When you go to the Pacific Palms for a vacation, there are other traveller destinations and activities you can attempt. Below are some must-try activities, so your stay in Pacific Palms will truly deserve it. – Outdoor camping: You can remain at one of the lots of caravan parks on the coast of Pacific Palms if you choose camping on your trailer or minivan. Having this kind of laidback accommodation Blueys Beach offers will permit you to be close to nature. Enjoy campfire imaginative activities with your buddies or household or merely take pleasure in the merging of sky, sea, and land right in front of your eyes. – Treking: There is a lot of treking tracks you can pick from depending upon your ability level. You can decide for newbies strolling tracks to check out the natural marvels of Pacific Palms if it’s your very first time to check out Pacific Palms. You can even check out the Wallingat National Park or climb the stairs of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and take in the fantastic view from the top. – Swimming: Seawater does marvels to your body, but a dip in the lake is also an excellent reprieve from the heat. Never ever leave Pacific Palms without swimming in their fresh and seawater, so you can experience the very best of both worlds. – Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, and Fishing: Not only will you delight in a rejuvenating dip in the lake, but you can also check out the waterways in a kayak. You can even attempt stand-up paddleboarding, and if you have kids with you, it’s an excellent method to teach them ways to fish for your next meal. These are simply some must-try activities that you can experience when you check out Pacific Palms, especially Blueys Beach. You can schedule from the lots of vacation houses in the location or visit for more information if you desire to discover the best accommodation Blueys Beach has for tourists.